Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tarpon Springs eagle visit

This past spring I had heard about an eagle couple nesting close to the road in Tarpon Springs (about 45 minutes from my house). I never did make it up there to see them.  I recently heard they were back and working on their nest. Last Sunday was so nice outside that I dragged hubby up there to see the eagles with me. A greek lunch in Tarpon Springs helped entice my hubby to go along for the ride. The Tarpon Springs sponge docks have the best greek food in Florida. 

So we're driving up there and I knew what road the nest was suppose to be on but not exactly where it would be. My hubby said "How are we going to find the nest?" I said "We'll just drive along looking for it, hopefully we'll spot the eagles as well." My hubby said "We may not be able to find it if the eagles aren't in sight when we drive through." I said "We'll find it, trust me." As we made our right turn and drove down the street we saw several cars pulled off the side of the road and a handful of people with big cameras standing there. My hubby says " I think we found them". He thought we'd be the only people looking for eagles and a nest.

That morning there was only one eagle sitting in the tree close by the nest. Several people said they had seen the other one recently but not that morning. The eagle sat there for a while then flew off so we headed to lunch. Below is the nest.  I'll be making some trips out there this spring to check for babies.

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