Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Many faces of the neighborhood kingfisher.

This little bird of prey is so tiny. Not as tiny as a blue-gray gnatcatcher but much smaller than the hawk or osprey that hangs out in our channel. It's a she. The female kingfisher has the rust color around the chest. It would be nice to see a male in the neighborhood but so far I've only seen a female. She tends to hang out on our dock or our neighbor's dock. Occasionally, on the weekends I can hear her chattering and I peak out the window to see her sitting there. She must be a migratory bird since I only see her in the winter. Kingfishers are very skittish birds and don't hang around when people are present. Any of the pictures I have taken in our channel have been through a window. The second I walk outside she is gone. Other birds will hang around for a while watching me take their picture. All of the above were taken on Thanksgiving weekend. The picture below was taken last winter. I wonder if it's the same bird. The rust on the bottom is not all the way across but she might have grown that in this past summer.


  1. I love that first one! He is so cute and interesting.

  2. Beautiful bird.. Interesting, funny expressions.

  3. Dina, these are amazing shots, esp. considering you took them through the window! The only pictures I've been able to take are on the telephone wires! There have been a few times, while out kayaking, that I've almost been able to snap a shot 'in the wild', but as you say, they don't sit still for very long when being approached! I'm envious.