Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hooded merganser couple

The male hooded merganser was swimming in the channel behind our house over Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't see the female that weekend. Well, this past weekend they were both there. It was right before the sun went down and they came fairly close to our dock. The female is the one without the white circle on her head. She does have a nice mohawk though. The last picture is the only time they were close together and it was almost dark. Last year they only stayed for a couple of weeks. I wish I knew where they moved on to. I guess they felt like our channel was too populated since there are houses all along the channels. 


  1. They make a striking pair! They migrate in small distances. Perhaps they poke along the coastal safeways, staying a few weeks at each location, until they make their way back to their breeding grounds by spring? ~karen

  2. A beautiful couple Dina.
    Great photographs again.