Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bald eagle family at Honeymoon Island

Parent sitting in a nearby tree.

I don't know what it was watching.

One of the babies standing on the nest.

One baby was trying to talk to the other one (who is hiding behind the pine needles).

The other baby did not move from this spot.

This is probably  my last check on the eagle family at Honeymoon Island. Both babies seem to be doing fine and they are probably flying by now. This was taken two weeks ago. The nest is closed off by more than 500 feet (which is the legal limit on public land). It's probably more like 800 feet. This family was far away and the pictures are extremely cropped. During my visit, one of the parents flew into a tree that was closer to the trail. It sat there for a few minutes and was watching something. Eventually it flew off into the distance. I do want to go back to check on the osprey nests in the next couple of weeks but by then the eagles will probably be gone.  Oh well, until next year!


  1. Beautiful composition and light~ what a magnificent bird in its surroundings! Greetings, Linda

  2. Wow. They're beautiful! Love the feather detail you were able to get! :)

  3. A great fmaily.
    Amazing images.

  4. This is an awesome post. I just love looking at the babies. I know you were not so close when shooting, but your captures are superb just the same.I cannot wait for you to post photos of the ospreys.

  5. What great captures. The chain=mail vest in the first shot really got me.

  6. Looks like the babies would soon leave babyhood!Great images,Dina!