Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ducks and gulls at Lake Morton

Ring necked duck

I'm not sure what this is. I couldn't find it in any of my bird books. Maybe some type of mallard?

Ring billed gulls catching some bread. That duck better duck!

I think the ibis said "Hey lady, did you bring any peanut butter to go with this bread?".

A group of male and female ring necked ducks. They were chasing after the bread that people were throwing.

Nice ball on the head.

It all starts with a person strolling into the park with a bag of bread. Chaos happens. Ducks that are normally shy of humans come swimming up. Geese start attacking your ankles.(That happened to me the first time I came to this lake. I was taking pictures and a goose started banging on my ankle. Startled me.) Gulls start diving everyone close by. Ibis by the tons come flying in. Should it be illegal to feed the wildlife? It probably is. I know it's cute and fun for the little kids but do the ducks need to fill up on bread all day. On a Saturday afternoon there are tons of people there feeding them with bread. The geese are the most obnoxious ones. After the one banged his beak on my ankle I stay clear of the crowd and take pictures with my longer lens.

Are they really wildlife if they are being fed on a daily basis?


  1. Superb photos! And check out that new header!! Am loving it.

  2. I wonder if that one mallard duck is a mule? We used to have a Mallard/Muscovy cross here for several years. She was unable to reproduce, but I thought she was so unique...

  3. Great shot of the Ring-necked. Typical mixture of hybrids on the lake Dina.
    I'm not a fan of offering bread to any wildlife as I'm sure it is not good for their diet.

  4. Fantastic photos for sure Dina. I live in Sarasota and do travel nature photography and videography. Great items here. All the best.

  5. Pictures are beautiful. I've actually seen signs at some lakes saying 'don't feed the birds' and people do anyway. Years ago I took one granddaughter (2 or 3) to the river to feed ducks and we ran out of bread -- they were NOT happy and came running after us. I held her up real high and ran like crazy. Don't think she suffered any permanent trauma (but I've never fed them again).

  6. Amazing photos! I don't think offering food to wildlife in such an extent is good either. Stop destroying habitats and plant more trees around,the wildlife will thrive on it's own.