Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring at Boyd Hill Nature Park

Lily pads are blooming and bees are buzzing.

Cormorants resting near the trail.

Anhinga is trying to hide under the statue. (Downtown St. Pete in the background.)

Butterflies are everywhere.

Big tooth giving me a grin. This guy was laying right under the boardwalk.  Since the water was so high he had traveled far into the swamp.

Lots of spring nature happening at Boyd Hill Nature Park in St. Petersburg. Tons of people are coming out to see the grooved bill ani that is still there but there's so much more to see at the park. This was the only alligator I saw. I think since the water was so high most of them were hiding. The place was full of butterflies and dragonflies. There were osprey flying around. They probably have nests somewhere in the park. It's a nice walk when it gets hot because the front trail closest to the lake is almost all shaded and you get the breeze over the water. I'll be heading there a lot this summer.


  1. Wow everything looks so warm in comparison to up here. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River,Canada.

  2. Beautiful series of photos! The butterfly capture is excellent. Love your header with the pelican.

  3. i love that shot of the sculpture and the anhinga! perfect!

  4. This is a wonderful group of photos Dina! Nice shot of the Anhinga and the statue.

  5. super cool the anhinga on the art work..and a great Fritillary shot too!