Monday, April 11, 2011

Birds and dolphins at the Fort Desoto fishing pier.

Snowy egrets on one of the roofs of the fishing pier. It was a windy day.

Nice pose.

White ibis flying by.

Dolphin pod swimming by.

More dolphins.

Neat looking ship passing by the fishing pier.

Another sunny Sunday afternoon spent at Fort Desoto. It was very windy and cool. There won't be many days like this left before it gets miserable hot. I saw a lot of dolphins but weirdly they were all swimming far away from the pier. Usually they swim around and underneath the pier. I guess it's better that way. Sometimes the dolphins go after the fish caught on the fishing poles. The dolphin tries to swim away with the fish and ends up with a hook in his mouth or stomach. The fishermen are always mad because they've lost a hook. I always want to say "How would like to spend your short life with fishing hooks in YOUR stomach?" but I don't. I just walk away and shake my head. 

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  1. The snowy egrets look so elegant in their fluffy feathers! Taking photos of the dolphins must have been a thrill!

  2. Love the snowy egrets and the ibis too! gorgeous shots!!!

  3. Hi Dina, Outstanding photos as usual!

  4. That first one is too funny! Those little legs must be very strong.

  5. Great shots--the egrets are amazing. Always a thrill for me to see dolphins. Mickie :)

  6. Your capture of the egrets and the ibis are amazing! Dolphins are always a thrill to watch and capture. :)

  7. Those egrets are something else!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Those Snowy Egret shots are superb; and I love those formation Ibis.

  9. A beautiful series of photos. I like the way the wind is ruffling the feathers of the Egrets.

  10. The Egrets are beautiful. A great series of images. Many thanks for sharing.

  11. Nice egrets, beautiful shots! I really like your white ibis flying formation also :)

  12. Nice series of beautiful wildlife images around the fishing pier!

  13. All your photos are gorgeous!

  14. Ive become anti fishing due to the horrible effect it has on all wildlife who come in contact with the gear!!
    WOW eye popping shots against that blue sky...If you tried to line those Ibis up with a ruler you couldnt have done a better job!!

  15. Great shots Dina. What a natural wonderland you live in. Your White ibis catch is reminds me so much of a formation of Canadian geese and is quite spectacular. Your egrets are sure in fine feathery form. You know, I still can't get over your Great egret nursery pictures from a few weeks ago. They are locked in my memory forever. Thank you for sharing!!!

  16. Nice pose indeed, you have a nice world full of adventures and discovery. Hope you can visit My World Tuesday

  17. I love scrolling up and down with the Ibis picture. Makes them look like they are flying by even more.

  18. Beautiful pictures. We are lucky to get one or two Snowys around here, but four together is unheard of.. Great capture.

  19. I am still smiling. . . those black leggings teamed with yellow shoes go so well with the windswept look!
    Great shots of perfect formation flying and ruffled roof=top sitting, just a wonderful post altogether.

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